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TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application that offers Twitter users a
comprehensive and completely free way to manage multiple Twitter accounts.

What is TweetDeck used for?

TweetDeck offers a more convenient Twitter experience by letting you view
multiple timelines in one easy interface. It includes a host of advanced features to
help get the most of Twitter: Manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule Tweets
for posting in the future, build Tweet collections, and more.

What will you Learn ?

  • How to use TweetDeck
  •  How to create a Tweet in TweetDeck
  •  How to compose Tweet
  •  Check your Scheduled Tweet
  •  Retweet
  •  To create a thread
  •  Using TweetDeck columns- Add Column
  •  Using Tweet Deck columns- Removed Column
  •  Types of TweetDeck columns and what they display
  •  Keyboard Shortcuts

How to use TweetDeck ?

  • Go to
  •  Log in with your Twitter account.
  •  Once you’re logged in, you can connect multiple Twitter accounts to your
    TweetDeck account.

How to create a Tweet in TweetDeck ?

The Tweet Composer in TweetDeck makes it easy to join the conversation,
whether you want to share what’s happening with words, images, GIFs, Emojis,
Threads, Polls, and more.

  • Click Tweet while logged into your Twitter account.
  • If you’re logged into multiple accounts, confirm the Twitter account you’d
    like to Tweet from is selected.
  •  Compose your Tweet with text. Add an emoji by clicking on . Include an
    image or video by selecting , add a GIF by tapping , or add a poll with .
  •  To create a thread, click on to add the next Tweet in your thread.
  •  Click Tweet to share.

How to compose your tweet?

  • All Linked Account
  • Tweet Compose Box
  •  Schedule Tweet
  •  Select Date & Time

Check your Scheduled Tweet

  • Click Add Column
  •  Select Scheduled
  • A Scheduled column will be added to your Dashboard

How to create a thread?

  • To create a thread, click on to add the next Tweet in your thread.

Using TweetDeck columns

Instead of a single timeline, TweetDeck allows you to add columns to display
specific content that interests you and view them side by side. Add columns that
show all your mentions, the results of a search query, a list of likes, the latest
Tweets from a hashtag or trend, etc.


To add a column:

  • From the navigation bar, click on the plus icon to select Add column.
  •  Select the type of column you would like to add.
  • Under Your accounts, select the account you wish to populate the column.

To remove a column:

  •  Click the filter icon in the column header, next to the column title.
  •  Click the Remove button to delete a column.

Types of TweetDeck columns and what they display

  •  Home: Home timeline for any specific account.
  •  User: Tweets from a specific account.
  • Notifications: Notifications for a specific account, including when the account ‘s Tweets. are Retweeted, liked, or mentioned, and when someone follows the account.
  • Search: A specific search term.
  • Lists: Create or connect a list you already follow.
  • Collection: A timeline of curated Tweets, hand-selected by you, to share with others.
  • Activity: What’s happening with the accounts you follow.
  • Likes: Tweets marked as likes from a specific account.
  • Messages (one account): Direct Messages for a specific account.
  • Mentions (one account): When someone mentions a specific account.
  • Followers: Follow activity for a specific account.
  • Scheduled: Your scheduled Tweets.
  • Messages (all accounts): Direct Messages from all your authorized accounts in aggregate.
  • Mentions (all accounts): Mentions from all accounts.
  • Trending: Specific worldwide trends.

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