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Converting audio into a video is now much simple with Photo Tool. This simple yet
powerful tool is capable to convert audio/video formats, comprises of video
editing features, through which you can convert your still image to the dynamic
slideshow and share with others in the video format.

What will you learn?

How to easily create your own video clip, movie or slideshow for YouTube or
Instagram. With this tool, you can easily select photo, add music, add voiceover,
add transitions, add titles and captions, add 3D effect, you can select the duration
of the video


  • Convert audio into video
  • Image Correction
  • ¬†3D Editing Effect
  • Add Audio/ Voiceover/ Music
  • ¬†Automatically creates albums
  • Select Duration

How to do it?

  • Open Photos
  • Click >New Video
  • Click >New Video Project
  • Fill Name of Your Video >Ok
  • Click > Add > From this PC
  • Select Image/Template file > Open
  • Using your mouse Drag image to Storyboard
  • Click > Duration, fill your audio file duration in seconds
  • Click > Custom audio
  • Click > Add audio file
  • Select > Audio file
  • Click > Done
  • Click > Finish Video
  • Select > Low 540p (Smallest file size)
  • Choose > Export location
  • Now Video Exporting on given location

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