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Data visualization is the process of displaying data or information in graphical
charts, figures and bars. While a variety of terms are related to data
visualization–information design, graphic design, infographics, and similar terms

What will you learn?

Ever come across a pie chart or any other graphic image depicting information?
I’m sure, you must have. They are one of the most common ways of putting
forward statistics results that could be understood by many – but did you ever
stop to think, wait, what are these visuals called? What is its purpose? Firstly, the
bar graphs, pie charts, or any other method of representing information is known
as Data visualization.

Why do we visualize data?

Picture speaks a thousand words.’ Sound familiar? The maximum information that
the human brain transmits is visual content! That makes vision our most superior
sense. Visuals summarize content into smaller, and easier to process chunks.
Example, When you collect data that includes a lot of numbers, it isn’t always
easy to member, But when the numbers are placed visually in comparison to
others in a pie chart, for example, people can easily remember and understand
the numbers’ importance.

Data Visualization Benefits

As the world is changing, the need for information is changing as well. Here are a
few benefits of data visualization:

  • Easily, graspable information
  • Establish relationships
  •  Easy to Share
  •  Interactive visualization
  •  Impact Directly on user's Mind
  •  People remember it longer

Where we can use ?

  • In Tweets
  • In Videos
  • In Website
  • Facebook
  •  Telegram

How to Get Data- Data Sourcing

  • Search for authentic data from Google
  • Data in the format of xlxs, csv, etc.
  • Clean the date
  • Add required fields

What are different Data Visualization Tools?

1) Making visualizations with flourish

    • Bar Chart
    •  Line Chart
    •  Column Chart
    •  Bubble Chart
    •  Bar Chart Race
    •  Column Chart Race
    • Pie Chart
    • Grid of Pie Chart
    •  Grid of Line Chart
    •  Area Chart
    •  Line Chart Race
    •  Parliament Chart
    •  Tree Map
    •  India Map (State-wise presentation)
    •  India Map (District-wise presentation)
    •  World Map Visualization

2) Visualization with Datawrapper

    • Bar Chart
    •  Column Chart
    •  Lines
    •  Pie Chart
    •  Donut Chart
    •  Multiple Pies
    •  Election Donut
    •  Area Chart

What are Data Visualization Techniques?

Here are a few data visualizations that you must know:

  •  Know the target audience
  •  Relevant Content
  •  Choose the chart type
  •  Context – Use of colours is encouraged depending upon the context.
  •  Use tools – Yes, one of the easiest ways to create data visuals is using
    tools. Use them as they make the charts intuitive as well as easy to read.

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