Music Auditions

Music Auditions in AIR

All India Radio has a well established and widely acclaimed Audition process for selecting artists, grading them by professional standards and offering broadcast engagements. For more than half a century, this process has helped AIR scout young talents from different music disciplines across the country.

There are four grades viz. B, B-High, A, and Top, awarded to artists based on the performance quality adjudged by a Committee of Eminent Musicians and Experts in the field. In case of Music Composers, there are three grades viz. Grade-II, Grade-I and Top.

There are various categories in which aspiring artists can apply. These include Vocal and Instrumental in Classical Music- Hindustani Style and Carnatic Style, Light/Devotional Music, Music Composer, Vocal and Instrumental in Western Music and so forth.

AIR organises the AIR Music Competition every year to explore and encourage young talents in Classical, Light, Folk, Vocal and Instrumental music. Many winners in the prestigious AIR Music Competitions have evolved today as star musicians.

General information on Music Audition System of All India Radio